[Solved] Manjaro with dmcrypt does not boot after upgrade

If you are using an encrypted root partition (LUKS encryption) on Manjaro, your system could be broken after pamac upgrade. After rebooting the system I wasn’t able to provide the password. Esc key showed some more details:

Check that kernel supports aes-xts-plain64 cipher (check syslog for more info)

Leon Instruments tutorial – LCD’s alive

I’ve just finished a LCD part of Leon Instruments tutorial (Polish version). Here’s the proof :)

X3-DIL64 (ATxmega128A3U) on Manjaro Linux – the first app

Abstract in Polish

Rodzimej produkcji moduł uruchomieniowy X3-DIL64 bazuje na mikrokontrelerze ATxmega128A3U. Poniżej staram się podsumować wyniki moich przebojów z kompilacją i uruchomieniem X3-DIL64 w Manjaro.

JHipster – REST controller for authenticated users only

While working on JHipster-based application (Spring Boot and company) I needed to create a REST controller accessible for authenticated users only. The solution was surprisingly easy – @PreAuthorize annotation:

[Solved] Kyocera FS-920 vs. Manjaro Linux

My Kyocera has recently stopped working. However, I’ve found out that sending a text directly to the device was working…

Parsing httpd.conf

Let’s say you need to configure an httpd for a new project. The configuration file becomes longer and longer so you decide to make use of macros and Use directives. Things go smooth – so far single lengthy flat configuration file is now tree-structured, it also includes a lot of other files. After three years of maintaining such a tree-structured configuration you’re the only person who knows well that magic. Virtual hosts are hidden behind third include and fifth macro.

Scrabble – challenge accepted!

I wonder how computationally complicated Scrabble can be, taking into account all its aspects. What’s a piece of cake for human brain, is not necessarily easy for a computer.

jDfm updated

During the weekend I have done a spring cleaning of jDFM source code. The changes improve a parsing of newer versions of dfm files. Going into the details, DfmProperty’s value is not always a Java String any more.

JavaCC in practice?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please find below my first Beamer presentation built on Wronki template. ;)

Download “JavaCC in practice”


Wronki – a new Beamer template

You don’t want to create an another ordinary Beamer presentation, do you? Despite you changed the colour theme, everyone immediately knows it’s been made in LaTeX, everyone knows those templates. I am not saying it’s wrong (a lot of my slideshows looked like that) but might you consider using a template looking different? How much different? Have a look at my first Beamer template! I hope you will enjoy it!